A Lenten Study of Oil

Every year I write for the 40 days leading up to Easter. It’s a habit begun several years ago choosing to give something back during Lent. This year I will be writing about oil, it’s use in the Bible, and my journey the next 40 days abstaining from it’s intake. Living a whole foods plant based life and abstaining from oil is key to healing the body and enjoying the benefits of health. I will be beginning my training from Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Plant Based Certificate Program during this time period and learning how to teach others the benefits of this lifestyle. Personally, preparing foods and eating foods without oil is a big challenge. So, come a long with me for the next 40 days. I will be taking breaks each sunday, but otherwise this is where you can find me ( my link below on Substacks)
The bible has over 160 references to the oil of the olive tree. The first time referenced was Jacob in Genesis 28:18. Jacob was being sent by his mother and father to his uncles house, a place far away, a walk equivalent to 460 miles. Provisions were essential, being a son very close to his mother, he was taught to cook and do things within the home. Remember it was he that made the stew for Esau, selling his birthright. There is no previous mention of oil in the bible prior to Jacob’s journey, no mention of anointing or blessings with sacred oil. Only sweet Jacob, a “mother’s boy”, sent off on his own to escape from sibling wrath.
Then Jacob, settling in for the night, after traveling only 40 miles, laid his head on a stone, (his mom must have forgot to pack him a pillow) had a dream that forever changed history.
We will spend the first few days together exploring Jacobs journey, his life in Haran, and his return to the stone used as a pillow in Bethel, and his proclivity to use oil for the first time as a symbol of remembrance of God ‘s presence in his life. Genesis 28: 10 – 22 and Genesis 35 will be our starting point. I will see you on Substacks. Follow me under “notes” at https://nicholef.substack.com/ to follow along.

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