Preparing for Surgery the “Hope For Pain” Way

Often times, those that suffer with chronic illness have to undergo some type of surgical procedure. I have created a guide to help you prepare for surgery to obtain the best results possible before, during, and afterwards. For best results, begin this guide 14 days before your surgery. I have incorporated physical , mental, spiritual recommendations along with references for further study.

Improve Your Overall Wellness This Year With These Resources

Guest post written by Sean Morris. Sean writes for website LearnFit. He worked previously as a social worker, now is a full time dad and wellness blogger. Thank you Sean for your contribution to this community! Feeling good physically and mentally can come from many sources, but it can be hard to find a means of […]

Breast Cancer Recurrence and Chronic Pain – Recent Research

I like sharing research with this community. Having easy access to medical journals allows me to share things with you as I find things pertinent to new research being established in the chronic pain field. This month in August 2021 a review of current research regarding breast cancer and chronic pain was published. This article […]