The Art of the Steam

It’s peak asparagus season, April and May. The only time of the year this spring vegetable, we call the “little trees”, will make it on our plates in the Fogleman household. Once you have experienced these “little trees” in season, its’ hard to enjoy them any other time of year. In honor of this time […]

Don’t Judge a Plant by It’s Cover?

This past spring 2023, my husband and I spent a week in the rain forest of Costa Rica, an area immersed with plants that heal. Prior to Covid, this sanctuary boasted the largest medicinal herb garden in the world, with over 300 species of seeds for medicinal use. Today this area is still in existence […]

Practicing Silence

It’s spring break. I’ve laid out books to read; two books, one hallmark channel “type”, the other contemplative and philosophical. Which book do you think I could not put down? The nerdy abstract book of course, where the reader has to read each page two or three times to obtain understanding. The more I explored […]

Easter Reflection – Day 7

We draw to an end in our Easter reflection. We have learned much. Our psalmist in Psalm 119 has reminded us of the importance of the Word. He compels us to experience a life with God’s Word. He compels us to find and savor “The Word”, and we know him as Lord Jesus Christ. We […]

Easter Reflection – Day 6

Teach me. Give me. Direct me. Turn me. Fulfill me. The psalmist has suddenly become more direct in his verses in 33-40 (psalm 119) I wonder if something has changed? As you read todays verses, circle each action verb. Are there others you found in the text? His change in tone remind me of the […]

Easter Reflection – Day 5

Dear Lord, strengthen us according to your word. The psalmist’s words reach out to my soul more today than other days. I feel my own needs matching his as he cries out in verse 32, “enlarge his heart”. Today we settle in the “Daleth” stanza, but we will also heed the writer’s words and practice […]

Easter Reflections – Day 4

As you begin today , ask the Lord to prepare your heart and His Spirit to be your guide as you read the 3rd stanza of Psalm 119, verses 17-24. You are a stranger in the earth. You are a sojourner, as the psalmist reminds us in verse 19. If these definitions define us as […]

Easter Reflection- Day 3

Today we will look at the 3rd stanza of Psalm 119, the “Bet” stanza, verses 9-16, the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet, each stanza corresponding to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The images created in my mind as I read this text is an image of a human heart. The author seeks God […]

Easter Reflections – Day 2

Welcome to day 2. It’s a beautiful spring day, have you contemplated doing things a little different this year? If you have joined me for day two, then you are out of the norm. You are on the right track. The author of Psalm 119 obviously loved and cherished God’s word. He would have definitely […]