Chapter 9 – Help is Here

The Spirit as Anointing Oil Recently during an interview for IN THE GARDEN book, I was asked about the health benefits of essential oils. While reading this chapter, I was prompted me to do further research for you. There has been more research in this topic than I originally thought, from using essential oils for […]

Guest Article – by Holli Richardson

Thank you to Holli for sharing these tips to our community at Hope for Pain. We love those that wish to help those that struggle with persistent pain. Wish to write an article for Hope for Pain? Send inquires to Head-to-Toe Health Strategies for Chronic Pain Sufferers At Hope for Pain, we know that […]

Chapter 7 – Help is Here

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:1-2 Do you have a life verse?  A verse that defines your life and what God wants you to be doing?  Romans 12:2 is this verse for me. Years ago, praying for answers about the direction of my life, I was outside in the driveway, found a little piece of paper, about […]

Tips for Your Tuesday – January 24, 2023

Increase your variety of grains What are your resolutions for the new year? Me? One includes cooking and the other includes relationships. The goal for cooking in 2023 is essentially a task I have no experience, baking bread. When my oldest was a teenager, diagnosed with severe food allergies (she ate a granola bar that […]

Chapter 6 -Help is Here

Writing has come sparse since I started this chapter. God has provided so many real life examples to use the Holy Spirit’s power this week. Not sure If I should thank him or cry.  Im so happy this chapter is complete so I can move on.  This chapter has revealed  revelations to me: so many […]

Chapter 5 – Help is Here

Scripture Reading: Romans 8: 9-17 Somewhere along the line hearing a sermon or in a book about the impact that the disciples must have felt when Jesus taught them to pray “Our Father in Heaven”, changed my prayer life. It was blasphemy for them to call God “father”. At least that is what they would […]

Chapter 4 – Help is Here

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 38 Words from an ancient King, but oh still applicable today. The King was given 15 more years to live only after praying a simple prayer.  Not unlike the young man from the Buffalo Bills football team, but in his case many prayed on his behalf and God granted him a longer […]

Chapter 3 – Help is Here

The Spirit As Wind Scripture Reading:  John 3: 1- 15 Last year during Lent we watched “The Chosen”.  If you haven’t seen it please download the app today and watch.  The depiction of Nicodemus has forever changed my interpretation of the story told in John 3. He is a real character in this narrative and one that I can identify and love. The […]

Collard Greens Au Natural

Collard Greens Au Natural – Instapot Recipe Ingredients: 1 bunch of collard greens – fresh 1/4 cup water – may need to add more if using stovetop1 Tbsp – Legg’s Old Plantation Pork Sausage Seasoning1 Tbsp  white vinegar This recipe an instapot is used, but the stovetop is fine, just cook a little longer.Take the […]

Chapter 2 – Help is Here

The Spirit as a Teacher“He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” ” John 14:26 Today’s Reading:  1 Corinthians 2:10-16 “Jesus doesn’t want us to think of the Holy Spirit as an it or a thing.  The spirit is a person”, implores Max Lucado. I don’t know about you, but I struggle daily, when […]