Chapter 4 – Help is Here

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 38 Words from an ancient King, but oh still applicable today. The King was given 15 more years to live only after praying a simple prayer.  Not unlike the young man from the Buffalo Bills football team, but in his case many prayed on his behalf and God granted him a longer […]

Chapter 3 – Help is Here

The Spirit As Wind Scripture Reading:  John 3: 1- 15 Last year during Lent we watched “The Chosen”.  If you haven’t seen it please download the app today and watch.  The depiction of Nicodemus has forever changed my interpretation of the story told in John 3. He is a real character in this narrative and one that I can identify and love. The […]

Collard Greens Au Natural

Collard Greens Au Natural – Instapot Recipe Ingredients: 1 bunch of collard greens – fresh 1/4 cup water – may need to add more if using stovetop1 Tbsp – Legg’s Old Plantation Pork Sausage Seasoning1 Tbsp  white vinegar This recipe an instapot is used, but the stovetop is fine, just cook a little longer.Take the […]

Chapter 2 – Help is Here

The Spirit as a Teacher“He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” ” John 14:26 Today’s Reading:  1 Corinthians 2:10-16 “Jesus doesn’t want us to think of the Holy Spirit as an it or a thing.  The spirit is a person”, implores Max Lucado. I don’t know about you, but I struggle daily, when […]

Media Coverage and Interviews

The following are media coverage of “In the Garden: 40 day Journey of Hope and Healing” (Kharis Publishing) by Nichole Fogleman ( interviews, book signings, articles, reviews) Book Signings Media To book Nichole for an interview please contact Don Otis of Veritas Incorporated, Radio Interviews: 1. The Carol Henry Show (WKTO) , January 2, […]

Book Study – Help Is Here

Chapter 1 – The Holy Who? Come along to read Max Lucado’s new book “Help Is Here”. There are 13 chapters and we will break down two chapters a week.  This book study promises to be personal and I hope we can be personal together. Each chapter let’s begin with scripture, spend time in God’s […]

Preparing for Surgery the “Hope For Pain” Way

Often times, those that suffer with chronic illness have to undergo some type of surgical procedure. I have created a guide to help you prepare for surgery to obtain the best results possible before, during, and afterwards. For best results, begin this guide 14 days before your surgery. I have incorporated physical , mental, spiritual recommendations along with references for further study.

Improve Your Overall Wellness This Year With These Resources

Guest post written by Sean Morris. Sean writes for website LearnFit. He worked previously as a social worker, now is a full time dad and wellness blogger. Thank you Sean for your contribution to this community! Feeling good physically and mentally can come from many sources, but it can be hard to find a means of […]

Breast Cancer Recurrence and Chronic Pain – Recent Research

I like sharing research with this community. Having easy access to medical journals allows me to share things with you as I find things pertinent to new research being established in the chronic pain field. This month in August 2021 a review of current research regarding breast cancer and chronic pain was published. This article […]

Sunday Nights with Nana

In 2020 we started a tradition on Sunday evenings. After 19 years of raising children, and sending our last child off to college (UNCW; Go Seahawks), we decided to do dinner with my mom every Sunday at 5 pm, “no matter what”. To make it interesting we only use plant-based recipes and try out new dishes each week.