Collard Greens Au Natural

Collard Greens a truly southern comfort food, ripe in the crisp change of seasons, seasoned with smoky flavors. Elements of taste and smell are well associated with meat with this green leaf, but I hope to change your perception of this green leafy cruciferous vegetable.  What is the history that brought a person to combine […]

Preparing for Surgery the “Hope For Pain” Way

Often times, those that suffer with chronic illness have to undergo some type of surgical procedure. I have created a guide to help you prepare for surgery to obtain the best results possible before, during, and afterwards. For best results, begin this guide 14 days before your surgery. I have incorporated physical , mental, spiritual recommendations along with references for further study.

Sunday Nights with Nana

In 2020 we started a tradition on Sunday evenings. After 19 years of raising children, and sending our last child off to college (UNCW; Go Seahawks), we decided to do dinner with my mom every Sunday at 5 pm, “no matter what”. To make it interesting we only use plant-based recipes and try out new dishes each week.